Online gambling is a huge virtual machine that is moving forward at an incredible pace. The profit from gambling online business is growing exponentially, and if more recently rates in virtual casinos have been made in such international currencies as USD, EUR or GBP, today digital currency, in particular btc gambling, is increasingly being added to them.

Bitcoin is increasingly used for normal calculations, it is natural that the gambling business could not leave this innovation without attention.

Using Bitcoin

The use of bitcoins for calculations is also anonymous, as if you used cash, only even more anonymously, because no one sees your face. In addition, the concept of crypto currency is supported by the principles of transparency and honesty, which means that if the casino accepts the crypt, it can be trusted.

Also, many casino accepting bitcoin sites resort to blocking technology that demonstrates the transparency of the game and confirms that the casino had no way of knowing in advance the outcome of the events, all accidentally and unpredictably.

A few more arguments in favor of using bitcoins by gambling people:

  • bitcoin – the world currency, supported anywhere in the world 24 hours a day;
  • bitcoin can be paid in countries where traditional casinos or gambling are prohibited by law;
  • relatively low commission costs;
  • honesty and transparency of all transactions.

Hybrid casinos

A hybrid casino combines two things: a traditional currency (usually USD, EUR) and a digital one. What does this give users? First, there are more opportunities for bitcoin casino no deposit and to replenish the account (bitcoin can be bought for almost any currency) and withdrawal of funds. The removal of the bitcoins from the casino account is quick and without commission. In addition, you have complete control over your bitcoins winnings.

The first casino, which started to support both traditional international currencies, and coin casino – is BitStarz. Such hybrid game services allow instant withdrawal of funds, there is no minimum deposit, and most importantly – they are suitable for both currency players and bitcoin-gamers.

Online casino as the engine of innovation

Conservatism of views is far from being in the hands of traditional online casinos, so the crypto-currencies are first introduced into the gambling sphere. Casinos that do not want to go into cryptocurrency settlements for a long time, draw a loss of clients, which does not bode well. Therefore, if some gambling services are still thinking about including bitcoin in the list of available currencies, others, at least, are experimenting with the crypt.

For example, the gambling service Satoshi Dice already uses bitcoin, and all from this only won: both casinos and crypt holders, which every day becomes more and more.

The good news is also that many online casinos that support bitcoin have already submitted mobile versions of their services to the consumer. Real casinos also begin to play bitcoin the use of which for these purposes is similar to using ordinary cash, the only difference is that digital money can not be held in hands, but it is easier to hide or transport.

In addition, with the help of bitcoins, you can bet on sports, play the lottery, cards, throw dice and engage in other “gambling activities” – the list of gambling services accepting the crypt grows every day. The most important thing is that when you bet in bitcoins and win, you win and win in the cue ball, the price of which continues to grow, as in leaps and bounds.

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