When the Ethereum network was launched, cryptocurrency enthusiasts already knew that it is capable of changing many things that we do every day. Edgeless Casino casino on ethereum has emerged as one of the projects that want to take advantage of this revolutionary technology to completely change the online casino industry, which is a good choice, as it is quite extensive and still developing, giving the casino opportunity without the benefit of taking its niche in it.

About the best ethereum casino

As we all know, gambling casinos bring great pleasure, and we are in foreboding that we can break the jackpot or big winnings, but as you know these dreams do not always come true. After losing some finish the game, and someone plays in the desire to recoup. As we all know the casino will never be left in the loser, some percentage of the casino’s stake is already embedded in the stakes. Players know that the higher the stakes, the greater the likelihood of a big win. But at the same time with a big bet there is a possibility that you will lose. That’s why the betting system is created in the casino and the players choose the best variant for themselves. In ethereum based casino, most of the casino profits come from “casino benefits”. This advantage leads to a guaranteed interest that will return to the casino for the duration of the playing time, and for you, this is a guaranteed loss percentage from what you bet. In an online casino, there are far fewer costs than in a conventional casino, this allows you to create more profitable rules for the game and the percentage of winnings is much higher than in a regular casino. I think that certainly the attendance in the ethereum casino contract is much higher than in the usual one since it will take a lot of time to get together in a regular casino as it is necessary to dress appropriately, get there, etc. To play online casinos you just need access to the Internet, which in our century of progress can be obtained from a smartphone, tablet, laptop.


100% up to €100 / 1.5 BTC

In order to win back the bonus, the player must make bets worth 35 times the bonus amount

Slot machine based on Ethereum

The player bets, then starts the reels, trying to collect a winning combination. The winning amount can be many times higher than the bet, depending on the combination. To play Ether slots, you simply generate or import the ethereum casino wallet, Ether slots do not store and do not have access to private keys, only your browser can access them.

Casino Advantages

Edgeless ethereum casino will be built on Ethereum’s Blockbuster so key operations will be regulated by smart contracts, providing users with a completely transparent experience.

Ethereum casino ico is a complete anonymity. All cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, the casino does not require any entries or registrations, thereby providing absolute anonymity. Instant deposit of the deposit and withdrawal of funds for the client are ensured. In the casino, the main crypto-currencies will be accepted by introducing “Shapeshift”. What is the advantage of Casino Edgeless compared to other online casinos you ask? Since Edgeless casino uses Ethereum smart contracts, it can have a low price for gambling and solve the transparency problem. Thanks to the smart contract, random numbers and payments are completely public and are implemented on the ethereum casino games blockchain. Thanks to this, players see all the bets, transactions and replace the result of the game with another casino will not be able to immediately notice it. All Smart Ethereum contracts will be publicly available to everyone.

There are periodically held thematic tournaments, during which players can win large sums simply
For all customers who have just registered and made a deposit, a reward of 110% to 1 bitcoin is required
In order to win back the bonus, the player must make bets worth 35 times the bonus amount
At the same time, in every sport there is a wide variety of tournaments and competitions. To make it easier to understand