At the moment there are poker rooms that accept deposits in Bitcoin, but do not provide any tables with a game of cryptocurrency. Those. The room simply converts your bitcoins into dollars/euros for playing at regular currency tables. In addition to rums, bitcoin also accepts popular payment systems from players, as well as developers of poker software.

Playing Online bitcoin poker

Of all the existing numerous games and entertainment activities available on the Internet at present, online poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular. This card game has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, and it seems that it will never go out of fashion. Is it necessary to say that this timeless game is capable of establishing its world trends?

The online coin poker industry is so mass that for many people the game has become the philosophy of life and the meaning of existence. You should not even be surprised that we decided to allocate on our site a whole section and devote it completely to online video poker, and to be more precise, all articles here will be about online poker on bitcoins.


150% up to 1,5 BTC

There are periodically held thematic tournaments, during which players can win large sums simply


100% up to €100

For all customers who have just registered and made a deposit, a reward of 110% to 1 bitcoin is required


100% up to €100 / 1.5 BTC

In order to win back the bonus, the player must make bets worth 35 times the bonus amount


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At the same time, in every sport there is a wide variety of tournaments and competitions. To make it easier to understand


10% up to 0.5 BTC Daily Cashback

For example, the gambling service Satoshi Dice already uses bitcoin, and all from this only won: both casinos and crypt holders

Bitcoin live holdem poker

I think that few of you have heard about the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. For those who do not know, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, where absolutely all transactions are conducted without intermediaries. And neither the banks nor the local authorities are able to block, cancel or track the perfect performance. Bitcoin is completely anonymous. And payments in this system are quick and, as a rule, with very low commission or without it at all.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that in the gaming industry began to appear poker rooms, giving the opportunity to play on bitcoins. True find them now is not so simple, and the game in them involves a lot of risks.

Despite this, at the end of 2014 it became known that the management of PokerStars is discussing the possibility of adding Bitcoin to its supported payment systems. This would at least allow them to eliminate the overlays of traditional financial mechanisms (non-cash transactions, checks, etc.) in countries such as China and India. But only anonymity and “suspended status” Bitcoin can become a serious problem, because through them often laundered criminal money. Therefore, PokerStars is in no hurry to add a crypto currency, because there may be more minuses than there are pluses. But there are rooms that already work with Bitcoin. In the network there are not so many, but all of them can be divided into two types.

Ability to play free online poker for bitcoins

Let’s say that you already have a certain amount of BTC on your digital wallet, but very little gaming experience in online free poker. In this case, you will most likely want to try to play poker on more favorable terms at the beginning, without unnecessary risks of losing your game bankroll, which, for obvious reasons, is absolutely encouraged by us. Being a complete beginner, you will understand how really it is insulting to lose the majority, or even the whole, of your bitcoin bankroll in the first hours of the game after registering a gaming account and playing with stronger and more experienced players than you.

That’s why, many specialized websites first of all will offer you to try your hand playing free poker with bitcoin. You will not need to put real, blood bitcoins to play at the cache tables or in tournaments where you will play the same as you beginners and hone your poker skills. And later, when you get the experience and confidence to challenge more experienced players, you can practice in tournaments with free entry (freerolls), but you are fighting for real prize money and, probably, the BTC winnings from such tournaments will serve as the initial foundation for building your bankroll. As you already understood, registration on freerolls is completely free and there will be a relatively large number of players involved, and the prize money will be very small, so, most likely, at some point you will want to play more serious poker.


10% up to 0.5 BTC Daily Cashback

For example, the gambling service Satoshi Dice already uses bitcoin, and all from this only won: both casinos and crypt holders